I envy the stars that watches over you at night. The moon that looks at you like you’re the most beautiful man she has ever seen, that the luminosity in your hands are brighter than the stars combined.

I envy the air that touches you with the gentle caress from the sun every time you walk around the park. How your shirt touches your skin every waking day of your life. How your hair, that you haven’t cut for four months, touch the tips of your eyebrow. I envy the things that touches you in ways I cannot.

I envy the songs that stop you from what you’re doing. The songs that puts you on your knees and tears on your eyes. The melodies that tell you how wonderful you are. The songs of love that surrounds you with the words I can never tell you.


the girl who’s envious of the things she can never be. (via mediwriter)

dear oppa

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